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Marketing for what?

To sell more or better, nothing more, nothing less.

Marketing is not a luxury and is gaining more and more importance to differentiate your products/services.
Adding value to consumers/customers is the best way to ensure the sustainability of a business.

Agregar valor a los consumidores / clientes es la mejor manera de garantizar la sostenibilidad de una empresa.

We are not an agency. We are a marketing department.

When the strategy is defined and companies know who and what they want to communicate, the agency is the best solution. But, in most cases, these fundamental issues are not defined or, at the very least, unclear. And in marketing, there is nothing more important than strategy.

Marketing is not (just) communication

Communication is the most visible part of marketing and must be the consequence of a strategy.

Before communicating, there is a lot of work to be done: define or adjust the product/services portfolio, define a value proposition, with a clear positioning, that differentiates from the competition and meets the needs of your target audience; know the consumer/customer in depth and leverage all communication and/or sales opportunities; determine the price and margins, the most suitable sales channels for each range of products/services and in which formats. And only then will we be ready to communicate.

From strategy to implementation

After the approval of the strategy, we will define the key actions. What they consist of, who are they addressed to, what results are expected and what resources they presuppose. We built a calendar of actions and a budget.

Everything defined is time to make it happen. Just as in a marketing department we identify the best partners, we will handle briefings and the evaluation of proposals, fulfilling defined objectives and budget. We ensure the management of external and internal teams and the imperative constant alignment with the strategy.