Our work

Our name says it all…

We are a marketing department!

That is why we can cover every responsibility a marketing department has to deal with: from investigation, innovation, strategic planning, communication, online marketing and many more aspects to take into account in a short- or long-term project.

We do not want to sell a webpage, neither a logo or a media campaign.


We are here to help businesses to grow, adding value to their products and services.

That is the definition of marketing.


You will find in us the help you need, relying on an experienced friend in marketing.


You can rely on us to develop specific projects or to solve any specific need you may have.


We can help you improving your knowledge on specific marketing areas.

What is outsourcing a marketing department?

Outsourcing involves the process in which a firm relies on another one to develop a particular activity. Every firm must focus to progress and concentrate their resources and capabilities on their main business activity and look for the excellency in that. But, if we are talking about a SME with little human resources available, we understand that they cannot be the best in every department of the firm… In consequence, if you want to reach that excellency in every activity you perform, you have to look for professionals outside your firm. This is already happening in many other activities such as logistics, advocacy, etc.


So… why outsourcing your marketing activities?

Contrary to expectations, outsourcing your marketing department is not more expensive, it does not risk the firm’s control over it and neither the firm loses knowledge.

When talking about saving, there are many advantages:

  • You do not need to hire more workers
  • No investment in own means is needed – office material, facilities, computers…
  • No training is needed for employees
  • Without fixed costs and structure growth

Many SMEs cannot afford the cost of having their own marketing department, that is why outsourcing is the solution.

Consumers are continuously evolving which generates new opportunities, but also implies that firms must settle objectives from a new perspective. It is crucial for those enterprises to have a business insight from a marketing point of view if they want to change that and take advantage of the new market opportunities.


Everything lies in the strategy

Strategic marketing strengthens firms and, even, creates a competitive advantage:

  • Specialization: tailored marketing strategies, adapted to each project and client’s requirements.
  • Every marketing responsibility through one speaker.
  • Quality: marketing professionals with a wide experience – the external consultor already owns the needed know-how to overcome challenges.
  • Savings: paying only for what you really need, without bearing fixed costs of having your own marketing department. Moreover, if there is no project, there are no costs; and with the firm’s employees, the general expenses remain constant, independently from the available amount of work.
  • The firm can employ all its efforts to its main activity.
  • Risk is diminished.
  • The impact on the enterprise is much lower and the results are much faster.

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