About us

A team of experienced marketing professionals

with background in different categories and markets

Tiago Lemos 2021 200x200
Tiago Lemos

Founder & CEO Spain

+22 years of experience in Marketing. He previously worked in L’Oreal, Unilever, Coca-Cola, LG and Cafento. Lived and worked in Lisbon, Madrid and Gijon.


When he moved to Asturias, he awakened his entrepreneurial soul. Since then, he has created several companies: Los 3 Sentidos, Hoopoe Running Apparel and it was in Tiago’s head that the concept of Departamento de Marketing was born.


Tiago simplifies, approximates and facilitates, always! He has a gift for conveying ideas and knowledge in an inspiring way. He likes to dedicate himself to training in which he explains all the marketing concepts with a high practical sense.

Inês Simas
Inês Simas

Co-founder & CEO Portugal

+25 years of marketing experience. Worked for companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Pescanova, Nutrexpa, Coca-Cola and Navigator. She lived and worked in Lisbon and Madrid.


Ines founded the Departamento de Marketing in Portugal in 2017. She make the bridge between the best marketeers and the companies that believe in the transformation that marketing can bring to the business. 


She created the Walking Meeting podcast and is a convinced practitioner. For Inês without emotions there is no Marketing. Her art is planning and transform strategies into action plans. She has an obsession: always measure results and learn along the way. 

SILVIA 300x300
Silvia García

Marketing Manager

+18 years of experience in Marketing. She spent almost 9 years at Suzuki where she played different roles within the marketing department until and ended up in charge of the brand in Spain.


Since 2017 in Departamento de Marketing, Silvia has worked with clients from all types of sectors and is one of the most knowledgeable people in the Asturian business world.


Passionate about work, with great capacity for learning, adapting to changes and creativity to continuously present new solutions, Silvia has a lot of experience in managing multidisciplinary teams.

Paula Reis
Paula Reis

Marketing Manager

+15 years of marketing experience. Worked for companies such as Walt Disney and Coca-Cola early in her career. For the past 10 years she worked in McDonald’s where she had held various marketing roles. She was responsible for projects of international prominence and of great national impact. She lived and worked in Lisbon, Oporto, Greece and Brazil.


Since 2018 in the Departamento de Marketing, Paula has been leading projects in sectors such as: Health, Restaurants, Flooring and Coatings, Decoration, Information Technologies, Cosmetics and Travels among others.


Pragmatic and analytical, Paula likes to have a good understanding of the business and its growth engines and from there, transform data into valuable insights.

Marta Amorim
Marta Amorim

Marketing Manager

+25 years of experience in Marketing. Worked brands such as Coca-Cola, Auchan, Diageo Portugal, Opel, Unilever,  Johnson & Johnson, Nestle and L’Oréal. For the last 10 years, she has dedicated herself to launching and managing the KidZania brand in Portugal, taking over the company’s Marketing and Communication.


Since 2019 in the Departamento de Marketing, Marta has been leading projects in sectors such as: FMCG, Catering, Entertainment, Health and Plant Based Food, Energy, Cosmetics, Automobile and Travel, among others


Thoughtful, methodical and very commited, Marta is passionate about seeing brands in action, without ever leaving anything to chance.

Daniel Coelho
Daniel Coelho

Marketing Manager

+20 years of marketing experience. Worked in Unilever, United Biscuits and Colgate-Palmolive. He also worked in the marketing services sector at Universidade Europeia, IADE, IPAM and Guerin – Salvador Caetano Group. He lived and worked in Lisbon and Madrid.


Since 2018 in the Departamento de Marketing, Daniel has been leading projects in sectors such as: Health, FMCG, Plant Based Food, Automobile, Energy, Consultancy and Training, among others.


Very focused on results, Daniel likes to lead change through a strategic vision and strong interpersonal relationships, driving innovation in every challenge.

Mónica Vaz
Mónica Vaz

Marketing Manager

+20 years of experience in Marketing. Mónica spent most of her career at Unilever where she took on mutiples roles in marketing, trade marketing and sales. She worked brands such as Olá, Lipton, Knorr and Vaqueiro, among others. Later in Auchan she developed category management and e-commerce projects.


Since 2022 in Departamento de Marketing, Mónica has led projects in sectors such as: Information Technologies, Consulting and Training.


Multifaceted and entrepreneur, Mónica dedicates herself to projects with “body and soul”. Naturally empathetic, she always brings a practical and constructive vision.

Rita Santos 2023 1x1

Rita Santos

Marketing Manager

+15 years experience in different sectors and countries. Rita started in the financial sector where she was an investment analyst and then became head of marketing at Millennium Banque Privee in Geneva. More recently she accumulated experience in the commercial area of Sofresco. 


Since 2021 in the Marketing Department. Rita has a high multicultural sensitivity as a result of the multiple multinational projects in which she has participated. She has worked in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United States in marketing and sales functions. She speaks 5 languages fluently and has an MBA.


Rita is a very committed person, always looking for the best resultas and with a great team spirit. She is very attentive to new learning opportunities and does not hesitate to promote sharing.

Elena Canales
Elena Canales

Marketing Manager

+15 years of experience in marketing and communication in different companies such as MAC Cosmetics (Estée Lauder), Central Lechera Asturiana or Pullmantur Cruceros. She completed a postgraduate degree in strategic marketing management at ESADE in 2010 and in 2014 she took a break in her career to travel around the world, landing on a Caribbean island where she worked for three years.  


She had a first foray into Departamento de Marketing in 2017 and rejoined the team in 2022. 


Elena loves writing and trained at the Escuela de Escritores de Madrid. She specialises in copywriting and content writing. She has published her first novel. 

Eliana Soares 2023

Eliana Soares

Marketing Manager

+25 years of professional experience. Eliana worked at Procter & Gamble, where she managed several brands. After that she moved to the wine world to the  Symington Family Estates. She worked as an independent strategic marketing consultant and she is partner in a venture capital and investment firm. She lved and worked in Spain and Switzerland. She currently lives in Porto.


In 2022 Eliana joined the Departamento de Marketing, bringing her experience from the corporate world, independent consulting and the world of start-ups. She recently study Artificial Intelligence at the MIT.


Eliana likes to combine an analytical approach with creativity and intuition to create distinctive value propositions. She loves to dissect brands and for Eliana there is no doubt: “consumer is boss”.

Luís Vera-Cruz

Luis Vera-Cruz

Marketing Manager

+22 years of professional experience. Luís worked at Procter & Gamble, where over 10 years he managed several projects, Key customers and was the trade marketing manager for Neoblanc. After that he moved to the professional beauty sector at Wella. He was responsable for the brand portfolio management, customers’ incentive trips and events and later he worked in the development of specialized retail for Iberia.


In 2022 he joined Departamento de Marketing. Luís developed his career in the “Marketing – Trade marketing – Sales” trilogy, wich allows him to add different experiences and points of view.


Luís has strong analytical and communication skills. He believes that everything we do on a daily basis must be closely linked to the defined strategy. He is genetically curious and seeks to learn everything about business in order to provide valuable knowledge.

Catarina Dias

Catarina Dias

Marketing Manager

+18 years of experience in marketing. Throughout her career she has worked in different markets in the retail area, such as dermocosmetics, in the pharmacy channel, at Johnson & Johnson and perfumery, in the Estée Lauder group. This was followed by watchmaking with the Swatch brand and real estate at Century21.


Since 2023 in Departamento de Marketing, Catarina brings the experience of working both in family businesses and multinationals, which allows her to successfully take on projects with different dimensions and challenges.


Pragmatic, empathetic and energetic, she believes that it is in the constructive relationship between multidisciplinary teams, always led by clear and strategic objectives, that great results are achieved.

Laura Catarino

Laura Catarino

Marketing Manager

+3 years of experience in marketing. Laura graduated in Business Relations from Universidade Católica Portuguesa and recently received her master’s degree by defending her thesis on Customer Journey and Artificial Intelligence.


Since 2023 in the Marketing Department, Laura has participated in projects in the Automotive and Engineering sectors.


A very creative person, her career includes experience in content creation, social media management and community management. Her most recent stop was at BMW, where she sparked a passion for automotive marketing.

CHECHU IMG_20220602_103342 1x1

Chechu Espinosa

Business Development Manager

+27 years of professional experience with a long trajectory in leading marketing and advertising agencies in Asturias. He was also the founder and manager of Tankalab, a reference agency with offices in Gijón.


Since 2016 in the Marketing Department, Chechu has employed his great commercial and project management knowledge on a multitude of occasions. 


Project management, commercial activity and event organization have marked his professional career in multinational companies and communication agencies. 

Nuno Figueiredo

Nuno Figueiredo

Managing Partner Portugal

+27 years of experience in Marketing and Sales. He started at Pescanova and in the last 20 years he was at Portugal Telecom / Altice. He went through several areas, from product management to the commercial area.


Since 2019 in the Departamento de Marketing Nuno joins us to help manage the financial área. He also supports the team in special challenges where he recovers his marketing soul and uses his high commercial sensitivity.


Experienced and very careful to what is happening in the world, Nuno likes to add new angles of analysis to the projects.

We’re in love with marketing, brands, consumers, clients… We’re in love with all companies that aim to grow.

We talk business.

Marketing adds value, becomes brands into assets, and assets make companies more valuable, gather and move people.

What do we want: Helping companies to improve their business through marketing.


What do we do: We put marketing affordable to any company, using a flexible model, with experienced and skilled professionals. A guarantee of added value and swifter results.


What do we believe in? Flexibility, collaboration, transparency, the value of ideas and people.


Our favourite definition is “Marketing is the science of adding value”.

How it all started?

Coca-Cola started in a pharmacy, HP in a garage. Here’s our story.

Tiago had the idea of building a Marketing Department

Tiago Lemos is Portuguese, but he fell in love with a Spanish girl and became an Iberian for life. After a few years living and working in Madrid, they decided to move to Asturias and it was up there in the North of Spain that Tiago had the idea of Departamento de Marketing.

Used to working at the marketing team in large companies, Tiago arrived in Asturias where there are basically two big FMCG companies and realized that in order to continue doing what he liked the most, he would have to find other formats.

The business environment is mostly made up of small and midsized companies. Many of these companies need marketing, but cannot (yet) hire a professional exclusively, at least with the experience and skills that would be desirable.

In 2015 Departamento de Marketing in Spain is born

Inês Simas, also Portuguese, was working in Madrid, but came to Lisbon every week. Fed up with airport life, the day she started treating the crew of the monday 7a.m. flight by their name, she decided it was time for a change.

Inês and Tiago met at Coca-Cola Portugal where they were fellow employees. They've been good friends ever since.

Knowing about Inês' return to Portugal one day, Tiago, half joking, launches the challenge: “Are we going to make Departamento de Marketing a multinational?”. After a few months of reflection, Inês, who never thought of having a company, gives him a call and says ``let's get to it``.

In 2017 Departamento de Marketing in Portugal is born

It was created to make marketing available to all types of companies and along the way we realized that it is not only small companies that need to outsource marketing. Large companies see in our experience and external vision an asset to make projects viable and strengthen their teams.

Over these years, several professionals have joined the project, giving it shape and strength.

Today we are a great team and we believe that Departamento de Marketing is more than a job, it's a life proposal.


We are passionate about marketing and brands.

We believe above all in people and ideas. In light people. In clear ideas. We love to know the details and we always value emotions.

We like to be well accompanied. We are adept at collaboration and co-creation. We love trust and everything it stands for.

We like to kick and hit balls. We are committed and flexible. Methodical and organized. We love writing because writing makes us think.

We are fans of a good strategy, but it is only worthwhile if we get our hands dirty and if there are results. We are obsessed with goals and metrics.

We like to sell. And to buy.

We only work pro bono for those who do the same.

We don't like to spend but to invest.

We just want to work with top companies.

And being a first-rate company isn't about being a big company, a big brand, or having a lot of money to invest. To be a first class company is to have great people, a great work philosophy and great aspirations for growth.